sample of airguard packaging


Inflatable Cushioning


Automatic Inflation

sample of airguard packaging

Ultimate protective

packaging solution


Packaging that saves you money

sample of airguard packaging

Made to fit your product

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The Next Generation of Protective Packaging


“Tailor made” air cushion

Better protection in shipment

Better Shock absorbance

Smaller packages, about 15% reduction compared to molded foam


Inflating at the packaging area

Packages delivered to the packaging area un-inflated, enabling serving faraway users

Significant savings in shipping volume and storage space

Manpower savings on the packaging line


Environmentally friendly

Made from recyclable materials

Greener than alternative packaging solutions, such as PS and PE foam

Volume of deflated packages significantly smaller than foam

Total Cost Savings

Space Savings

  • Reduces warehouse space requirements by up to 98%
  • Reduces work space clutter
  • Frees up warehouse racking
  • Eliminates space required for staging bulky packaging material

Shipping Cost Savings

  • Dimensional/Weight reduction
  • Corrugate size and cost reduction
  • Increase trailer cube capacity
  • Lighter weight packages

Labor Reduction Savings

  • Greatly reduces material handling
  • Reduction in labor required to unload trailers
  • Reduces the need to continually resupply pack lines thus reducing work stoppage
  • Greatly reduces or elimininates labor required to retrieve packaging from inventory racks

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