Twenty years of experience

Airguard is an affiliated company of RoniPal Ltd. Established in 2011 by RoniPal Ltd. and Yazamut Hagalil, located in Ein-Hamifratz, Israel.

RonipalLtd. has accumulated twenty years of experience in developing, manufacturing and marketing protective packaging products.

Sales were made in the USA, Europe and the Far East.

Representive Projects

  • void fill1 squareair-cushions grey square

    Airspace – Proprietary void fill packing system.

  • bubble_bag_square32-245x335 greyish square

    Kangaroo – Pinnovative pouch maker.

  • foam in place square51 greyish square

    Polynest – First to market with disposable cartridge and self contained chemical pouches.

  • 71 greyish square

    AirguardĀ – Customized inflatable packages