Our Patented Technology

Our patented technology will provide solutions with exceptional

protection, while at the same time, reducing your total cost.

Design, Prototyping, Verification and Customer Approval

  • Our design team will engineer designs around our customer’s specific needs
  • Our proprietary machine can produce prototypes within minutes
  • Sample cushions are created and supplied for test shipments
  • Our ISTA Certified lab can verify designs and supply documentation that all packs have passed ISTA requirements

team picture

Cushion Production

  • Capable of producing any required volume of non-inflated cushions
  • Utilizing the highest quality multilayer PE-PA-PE film available

The airguard packaging production machine

On-site Support

  • A Packaging Consultant will work with your team to design the most efficient layout possible
  • Experienced technicians will provide installation and training  at the customer’s site
  • Automatic inflation will be set up to enhance the work environment
  • Technicians will set the system to check the pressure on every air cushion inflated
  • Can be integrated into automatic packaging lines

air guard Inflator. Project of RoniPal technologies